Jag har börjat läsa en bok av Ingalill Roos som heter Energitjuvar. Den är väldigt jordnära och bra skriven.


Projektledning är en spetskompetens

En projektledare är en generalist med specialkompetens i att samordna resurser och specialister mot ett gemensamt mål.

New PM challenges

I have moved on from Geneva and will be working with project management for Sharepoint installations in the Copenhagen region. This will be a new challenge for, this time it is Microsoft’s SharePoint platform that I will base the solutions on.

Qi Gong

I participated in a course of Qi Gong the past weekend, and I think I will continue for a long time with practising it. Qi Gong suits me to the bone. :)

Leaving Geneva

After seven years I have now decided to leave Geneva. I will settle in Scandinavia for a few years, with my Venezuelan girlfriend Jeannette.

I would like to work in Copenhagen and have been looking for a suitable job there. In this way I would keep up my international approach, and learn a new culture and language.

Will keep you posted on our Nordic adventures. :)

Live Au Château ’06

On 14 October it’s time for the 2nd Live Au Chàteau, a music festival with 9 local bands (I’m myself the lead singer in “C Nos Vis”).


The poster is made by my girlfriend Jeannette, and got very nice comments.

Pelléas et Mélisande

On Tuesday night 3 October I will perform the role Pelléas in the play Pelléas et Melisande, written in 1892 by the Belgian Nobelprize-winner Maurice Maeterlinck. The play is one of the regular playreading set up by the Geneva English Drama Society.

The performance will take place in the English Church Hall, at Rue de Montblanc, at 20h00.