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Varma dagar! :)



Jag har börjat läsa en bok av Ingalill Roos som heter Energitjuvar. Den är väldigt jordnära och bra skriven.

Qi Gong

I participated in a course of Qi Gong the past weekend, and I think I will continue for a long time with practising it. Qi Gong suits me to the bone. :)

Leaving Geneva

After seven years I have now decided to leave Geneva. I will settle in Scandinavia for a few years, with my Venezuelan girlfriend Jeannette.

I would like to work in Copenhagen and have been looking for a suitable job there. In this way I would keep up my international approach, and learn a new culture and language.

Will keep you posted on our Nordic adventures. :)

Jonathan’s baptème

The son of my brother was baptized to Jonathan this past weekend, in a beautiful ceremony in the old church of Stora Hammar in Höllviken, Sweden.

Parc de la Tête d’Or

At the beginning of August I visited Lyon with my sister Anna and my nephew Filip. We stayed with the family of Filip’s father Kamel, and were shown a good part of Lyon by Filip’s uncle Chukri.

Le Chat Noir

Le Chat NoireWhen a good friend moved away from Geneva, I was given her poster of Le Chat Noir. I have framed it and it now hangs in my apartment. What is the story behind the famous poster?

Well, the original Le Chat Noir (“The Black Cat”) was a famous 19th century cabaret in the (notoriously bohemian) Montmartre district of Paris. It was opened on 18 November 1881 at 84 Boulevard Rouchechouart by the artist Rodolphe Salis, and closed in 1897.

Salis most often played, with exaggerated, ironic politeness, the role of conférencier. And it was here that the Salon des Arts Incohérents (Salon of Incoherent Arts), the “shadow plays” and the comic monologues got their start.

The artist behind the iconic poster is Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, who was a Swiss-born French Art Nouveau painter and printmaker.