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Live Au Château ’06

On 14 October it’s time for the 2nd Live Au Chàteau, a music festival with 9 local bands (I’m myself the lead singer in “C Nos Vis”).


The poster is made by my girlfriend Jeannette, and got very nice comments.


Fête de la Musique – Genève

Three days of free outdoor music and dance. Wow.

Among this year's concerts that I visited:

  • Alenko (Alex, the vocals teacher at EPI, performs well. He refers to the concert as a journey, where the songs make up a whole)
  • Silecie (Charlotte Nordin sings and moves very well, and has a song in Swedish, "Svek")
  • Tango de Sueño
  • Malavida (a local Geneva band, not bad at all, wishing us a "Merry Christmas", as the last song)
  • María de la Luz (wow, what a presence on stage. Happiness)

Song writing

We are about to take a step forward in the band, with starting to compose our own songs.

So now I am asked to come up with the lyrics for the first song.

Ah, how to do that?

I think I will start by looking in my journals that I've kept since 20 years. The problem is that there's mostly prose. What I should do is to start writing poetry instead. And describe the world as a poet.

Hmmm. Might be easier said than done.

I'll give it a try, though. Watch this space… ;-)

Fête de l’Espoir

Espoir.jpgSaturday 27 May, the 8th Fête de l'Espoir took place at Stade de Bout du Monde.

Some good photos are available at

It was my third year and this time I chilled out to these groups:

Garden Party 2006

GardenParty2006.jpgThe fourth Garden Party took place in Parc de Bastion during the weekend 4-5 May.

Among the bands I listened to were:

  • Air Sonic
  • Mango Gadzi
  • Haunted Candy Shop
  • Recall

I will write a summary for each concert shortly.


We  are practising a song by the French group Téléphone, Un Autre Monde, and I have taken the drummer's role.

What an experience that is. Being the heart of the band really, there's not a lot of room for mistakes. On vocals or as a bassist, the other instruments quietly continue to play their accords when you forget yours. But as a drummer, everyone gets lost if you happen to get the rhythm inverse/messed up.

I like the challenge in getting 3 rhythms synchonized; it's like having 3 dimensions to work with.

The rhytm for Un Autre Monde is 8 beats with the High-Hat (Fr: Charleston), 4 with the Snare (Fr: Caisse claire), and then with the Bass Drum (Fr: Grosse caisse) 4 as well but with displacement. I am in the process of trying to understand this myself and this is what I have come up with this far.

Transcription for Un Autre Monde (simplified)

The difficulty with this rhythm is to keep the tempo right; it is easy to let the tempo slip away as the beat isn't regular. I believe that by focussing on the tempo of the high-hat (and not on the bass drum as usually) it's possible to keep the tempo to 132 beats per minute, comme il faut. 

Live Au Château 2006

Last night we had the first organizing meeting for the 2006 music festival "Live Au Château." Important questions at this stage are: which groups should be allowed to participate? Here the criterias are not only that they should be good musicians but foremost that they can take part in a festival where timing is an important factor for success.

Last year was the first we organized it, and it took place on the Saturday, 1 October 2005. I will create a post about that concert.