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Terms for sailing

I need to learn some of the most common terms used on a sailing boat:

Swedish English French Spanish
akter stern, aft  le arrière, la poupe la popa
ankare anchor la ancre la anchla
babord port bâbord el babord
boj buoy  un buoy 
bom boom bôme bumo (?)
fall   la drisse  
att falla   au portant  
fock   le fock  
för bow la proue  
gajar (skot till spinnaker) spinnaker sheet l’écoute de spinnaker  
genua   génois  
att gippa gybing empanner  
knop knots noeud   
att kryssa   louvoyer (zigzaguer)  
köl keel quille   
latta lath    
lova (att styra upp båten mot vinden) heading up border  
lovart (båtens vindsida)   au mûr  
lee abriter du vent  
läns running downwind vent arrière  
mast mast le mât mástil
ombord aboard    
att reva reef, take in sail    
roder rudder rames  
rorkult   le barre  
segelbåt sailing boat le voilier barca de vela
sittbrunn cockpit cockpit  
sjömil nautical mile mille marin  
skot sheet l’écoute  
skott (båtens vägg) hull le coque du bateau  
att slå to tack de virer  
styrboard starboard tribord el estribor
winschvev   la manivelle la manivela
vind wind le vent el viento
vinsch winsch winch  

Wicked Awesome

sailing-1-july-2006.jpgSaturday afternoon I went sailing on the Geneva lake, with some friends (Irmgard, Karen and Jean-Pierre).

All the crew members were biochemists except me, but I am still right in the middle of reading Molecules of Emotion where Candace Pert is in the process of explaining the feedback loops of the peptides, in an interesting simile:

The psychosomatic network is analogous to a boat sailing along as the result of a series of feedback loops. Cells are constantly signaling other cells through the release of neuropeptides, which bind with receptors. The signaled cells, like the helmsman of the boat or the sail trimmer, respond by making physiologic changes. These changes then feed back information to the peptide-secreting cells, telling them how much less or how much more of the peptides to produce. This is both how the body and the sailboat move forward, through a series of rapid feedback loops.

 More pictures from the sailing are available at my Flickr account.