Dream interpretation

Another way to tap into the messages of the bodymind is to pay attention to one’s dreams. I would like to be able to recall and transcribe my nighttime dreams.

What happens when one dreams? Different parts of the one’s bodmind are exchanging information, the content of which reachers one’s awareness as a story.

I should keep my journal and a pen close at hand so that when I wake up I will be able to write down the dreams that come to mind. No filtering or editing is allowed. When associations arise, write them in parenthesis. Even more important than the content, however, are the feelings and emotions one experiences in the dream. Always ask: how did I feel? And include these observations in the writing.

  1. Just thanks for your link to my “Plaza” and come back soon.

    • Ana Maria Nostas
    • July 10th, 2006

    Om du tittar på sidan 163 i Thomas Moores bok så står det någonstans att vi måste lägga märke till de drömmar som förekommer samtidigt med sjukdomen. Att det finns ett samband…Min klient kom just in /Besotes AM

  2. Ah, thanks for pointing me towards Thomas Moore, I should write up something on his book “Care of the Soul”. He talks a lot about dreams and their signification.


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