Wicked Awesome

sailing-1-july-2006.jpgSaturday afternoon I went sailing on the Geneva lake, with some friends (Irmgard, Karen and Jean-Pierre).

All the crew members were biochemists except me, but I am still right in the middle of reading Molecules of Emotion where Candace Pert is in the process of explaining the feedback loops of the peptides, in an interesting simile:

The psychosomatic network is analogous to a boat sailing along as the result of a series of feedback loops. Cells are constantly signaling other cells through the release of neuropeptides, which bind with receptors. The signaled cells, like the helmsman of the boat or the sail trimmer, respond by making physiologic changes. These changes then feed back information to the peptide-secreting cells, telling them how much less or how much more of the peptides to produce. This is both how the body and the sailboat move forward, through a series of rapid feedback loops.

 More pictures from the sailing are available at my Flickr account.

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