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Emotions are at the nexus between matter and mind

Emotions. What are they and why have they come about? In her book Molecules of Emotions, Candace Pert gives some very interesting explanations based on her cross-disciplinary research on peptides and their receptors.

Each of the neural, the hormonal, the gastrointestinal, and the immune systems is set up to communicate with one another, via peptides and their reciprocal receptors. Every second, a massive information exchange is occurring in your body. Imagine each of these messenger systems possessing a specific tone, humming a signature tune, rising and falling, waxing and waning, binding and unbinding, and if we could hear this body music with our ears, then the sum of these sounds would be the music that we call emotions.

We can no longer think of the emotions as having less validity than physical, material substances, but instead must see them as cellular signals that are involved in the process of translating information into physical reality, literally transforming mind into matter.

Emotions are at the nexus between matter and mind, going back and forth between the two and influencing both.

This is very interesting to hear and fits very well with what I experience myself. A questions is then how emotions relate to health, and how emotional health can be achieved. This will be my reflection theme of the day.


An Artist

A friend of mine called me an artist some days ago. I responded spontaneously that I’m not an artist, and that because I do not perform my own plays or songs. Until now I have only played other playwrights’ plays and performed other musicians music.

I really would like to become a real artist, and am working hard on finding my own creative voice.

Molecules of Emotion

molecules_of_emotion.gifI’ve started to read the book Molecules of Emotion: Why you feel the way you feel by Candace B. Pert. A very quest is what emotions are, and how they work together with other parts of the human being. Candace Pert gives an account of her research in peptides. Very intesting reading, even if still after 140 pages the interesting stuff has just about began.

The show is over. The audience get up to leave their seats.

The Show is Over... For about 10 years a favourite work of art of mine has been hanging at a friend’s place, as I didn’t have a place of my own. When I was in Sweden over the midsumer weekend I got it back and it now hangs in my own apartment here in Geneva, from this morning.

The artist is the New Yorker Christopher Wool and the statement in the painting is lifted from Greil Marcus’ social commentary, Lipstick Traces, and is a definition of nihilism:

The show is over. The audience get up to leave their seats. Time to collect their coats and go home. They turn around. No more coats and no more home.

It makes me think of how important it is to live in the present, so that at one point in the future you won’t wake up and realize that most of your life is gone…

Fête de la Musique – Genève

Three days of free outdoor music and dance. Wow.

Among this year's concerts that I visited:

  • Alenko (Alex, the vocals teacher at EPI, performs well. He refers to the concert as a journey, where the songs make up a whole)
  • Silecie (Charlotte Nordin sings and moves very well, and has a song in Swedish, "Svek")
  • Tango de Sueño
  • Malavida (a local Geneva band, not bad at all, wishing us a "Merry Christmas", as the last song)
  • María de la Luz (wow, what a presence on stage. Happiness)

Song writing

We are about to take a step forward in the band, with starting to compose our own songs.

So now I am asked to come up with the lyrics for the first song.

Ah, how to do that?

I think I will start by looking in my journals that I've kept since 20 years. The problem is that there's mostly prose. What I should do is to start writing poetry instead. And describe the world as a poet.

Hmmm. Might be easier said than done.

I'll give it a try, though. Watch this space… ;-)