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Citoyen de Nulle Part

Citoyen de nulle part On 31 May and 1 June we will perform the play Citoyen de Nulle Part, at 20 o'clock at the aula of Collège de Voltaire, Geneva. Tonight is the dress rehearsal, with the full gear. It'll be very interesting to see if everybody will remember their lines… ;-)


Fête de l’Espoir

Espoir.jpgSaturday 27 May, the 8th Fête de l'Espoir took place at Stade de Bout du Monde.

Some good photos are available at

It was my third year and this time I chilled out to these groups:

La Sourde Oreille

LA-SOURDE-OREILLE-800x600.jpgThe theatre Le Poche, here in Geneva, is playing "La sourde Oreille" by Torben Betts. I was there on the ngiht of Friday May 5.

The play starts like a completely ordinary family meeting. It's only gradually that environment degenerates at such point that it is not known if one must laugh or cry.

When one has "une oreille sourde", a deaf ear, one breaks off the other person in the middle of the speech. In the play there are a lot of situations like that…and for a reason, it turns out.

Garden Party 2006

GardenParty2006.jpgThe fourth Garden Party took place in Parc de Bastion during the weekend 4-5 May.

Among the bands I listened to were:

  • Air Sonic
  • Mango Gadzi
  • Haunted Candy Shop
  • Recall

I will write a summary for each concert shortly.