Project management

I’m in a process of trying to find my way forward, personally and for the company that I am running.

In the past, I have taken the role as developer, information architect, trainer, tester for the projects that we have implemented. The area of project management has in part been done by the customer and in parts by us. As managing director for our company it has been in my interest that the project is managed well, but without a mandate from the client the project management documents that I’ve produced have not been tout-à-fait official.

For a year I was even member of the PMI (Project Management Institute) and got a nice-looking diploma (“This is to certify that Mr. Magnus Fälth is a member of the PMI”…). The work and focus of the project manager appeals much to me. Maybe I should try to work fully focused as a project manager? 

I do believe that I could do it well. Let’s see what could be the factors speaking for me: I like to write and communicate, I am both flexible and stable in my thinking, I am very quality conscious, I’m quite good at negotiating, I don’t get bored easily by mundane work (like administrative work). I like the work form of projects, with a clear start and finish.

What I don’t like about project management though, is that it is difficult to get the people in the project to realize how important it is to actually manage the project. With weak involvement from the stakeholders of the project (the people who ultimately have the interest that the project gets implemented successfully), it is not so nice to be a project manager.

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