Moving to Vernet…

Varembe.jpgFrom yesterday and two weeks on, the Varembé swimming pool (which is situated  very conveniently just around the corner from our office) is closed for annual maintenance work. To go swimming they refer the visitors to the Vernets piscine, down by Plainpalais. I went over there this afternoon, the weather was good for once so the bike ride there was quite pleasant.

The Vernets pool being 50 meters long (Varembé's only 33 meters) gave another feeling about the swimming. I started to breathe only every second cycle, which lets you be more attentive about your technique. At the same time, it requires much more lung capacity (which I evidently have to work on…).

By the way, I have set a goal for 2006 of swimming 50 kilometers and now 8 weeks down the road I've reached 10,000 meters. Each time I'm able to swim longer and longer (I started swiming only late last year) so by summer the 50 km should be gone.

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