I like business…

I like business because it is competitive, because it rewards deeds rather than words.

I like business because it compels earnestness and does not permit me to neglect today’s task while thinking about tomorrow.

I like business because it undertakes to please, not reform; because it is honestly selfish, thereby avoiding hypocrisy and sentimentality.

I like business because it promptly penalizes mistakes, shiftlessness and inefficiency, while rewarding well those who give it the best they have in them.

Lastly, I like business because each day is a fresh adventure.

R.H Cabell

As an entrepreneur myself, I am very interested in the motivation behind the people who build companies. That is something I will write more about.

    • Eric
    • February 20th, 2006

    Just wanted to be the first one to comment on this blog:):)
    Could be a similarity…. Business rewards (sometimes..) innovation and those who are the firsts……

  1. Ok, man. You have shown that you’re a first mover. Now you have to be the first to comment on each and every new post I make. Just use an RSS feeder and you will be told automatically when I have posted a new article…easy. ;-)

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