We  are practising a song by the French group Téléphone, Un Autre Monde, and I have taken the drummer's role.

What an experience that is. Being the heart of the band really, there's not a lot of room for mistakes. On vocals or as a bassist, the other instruments quietly continue to play their accords when you forget yours. But as a drummer, everyone gets lost if you happen to get the rhythm inverse/messed up.

I like the challenge in getting 3 rhythms synchonized; it's like having 3 dimensions to work with.

The rhytm for Un Autre Monde is 8 beats with the High-Hat (Fr: Charleston), 4 with the Snare (Fr: Caisse claire), and then with the Bass Drum (Fr: Grosse caisse) 4 as well but with displacement. I am in the process of trying to understand this myself and this is what I have come up with this far.

Transcription for Un Autre Monde (simplified)

The difficulty with this rhythm is to keep the tempo right; it is easy to let the tempo slip away as the beat isn't regular. I believe that by focussing on the tempo of the high-hat (and not on the bass drum as usually) it's possible to keep the tempo to 132 beats per minute, comme il faut. 

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