Orangino in English

The Swedish board game Orangino is being translated into English, its creator Ulla Osterman told me a couple of weeks ago.

It was released on the Swedish market in 2003, and has made a success. It is a board game that can be used just for fun or as a personal training tool.


In his book “Flow – The Optimal Experience”, the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes games as a good tool for creating flow in groups. In games all important factors for flow creation could materialize: a clear goal, channels for feedback, good structure, and tasks that are neither too advanced nor too simple.

So situations that normally are not “open” enough, be it due to the climate or the personalities of the people, can actually see discussions that are quite amazingly frank and personal. And this thanks to the game structure. I find this amazing, and look forward to playing Orangino with my friends here in Geneva.

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