Mangal Pandey – The Rising

Mangal Pandey - The Rising

I was quite positively surprised yesterday when I watched the Indian movie Mangal Pandey – The Rising. I picked up the DVD at a friend’s place, and didn’t know what to expect of it. Now I wonder why it never was screen here in Europe?

It isa nice mix of Bollywood style and European narratives, and I have to say that I prefer a movie to be set in the local language, it gives much more credibility to the story told. And the topic is something that indeed is very much linked the Indian identity: the first war of independence, in 1857.

The way the audience is brought along is typically Indian, and the narrator speaks Hindi. The English dialogues in the background are still audible, but sometimes even the vocals go off and you hear only the sounds of nature or music. For me this conveys the idea that words are empty, promises are empty. That one has to see beyond the spoken word to see what is really going on.

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