The diary

Last night La Comédie à Genève organized “La Nuit du Journal Intime” where a new reading started every 15 minutes. Actors, politicians, media people, etc. were reading extracts from classic or anynomous diaries. When I was there, from 23 to 1 o’clock, there were quite a lot of people. I wonder how big the audience was in the small hours this morning? The Night finished at 7 o’clock this morning with a public breakfast accompagnies by music “concocted” by Lorette.

What did the event give me? I got a sense of the connection beween the classical diary and its online homologue, the weblog. It is possible to keep a personal diary that can be published in the future – of that Strindberg and Kafka were good examples last night – and not write too private things in there. As for the blog, one has to find a good balance between the personal touch, the urge to express oneself, and the relevance to the (possible) reader. I have myself been writing a personal journal since 15 years back and find it a great method for gaining some distance to one’s experoiences.

Another interesting thought I was able to pick up last night was that with the blog the reader is, for the first time in history, at equal level with the writer. There is not a large difference between the one who has the right to instigate the post and the ones who can comment on it.

As well, what I came to think of last night as I was listening to the actress Barbara Tobola read Caroline Dayer’s diary named “Je jette l’encre” was that a lot of the features that made me develop a passion for content management in 2001-2002, and that have failed to materialize, are now coming through with blogging. That people are now actually writing the texts in the browser is one example – in the content management systems that we hae implemented the texts are still writted inMS Word and send as emails to the people who should insert it in the system. Blogging is making use of content systems in a very down-to-earth way. I really like this. It is about humains mastering technology, in my view. 

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