Corporate blogging

Blogs, that are known to be personal diaries published on the net, have become fashionable for companies to run as well. How come?

Well, for several reasons it seems. Let’s take a look at the most evident ones.

  1. Google. That is, to get higher up in the search result of search engines. If you are not linked you don’t exist on the net.
  2. A direct relationship with customers. And this in a context that can build trust over time (something all the advertising in the world can struggle to accomplish).
  3. Marketing. Blogs are the good old “word of mouth” but on the net.
  4. Human voice. It is a great way for a company to provide a human face towards “the market”. 
  5. For internal communications purposes. It is a good way to foster creative brainstorming and other internal communication.
  6. Provide tips on potential new products/services. The commenting feature of the blog also facilitates feedback on existing products or services.

One of the most used methods used is to let an employee be the official representative blogger for company. The benefits of this is that a positive comment from a company employee is more likely to influence a person’s perception than external blogs or traditional media.

Of course, for an employee blog to be credible is that it must include positive and negative comments about the company and not appear to be merely a PR exercise.

More to come.

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