Live Au Château 2005

Live Au Château 2005

On October 1, 2005 we organized the festival “Live Au Château” just next to the Arare castle, where we also have our studio for repetition.

The bands of the festival were (in order of appearance): Flower Spirit, Ghost Track, Saul, C Nos Vis, Hat Trick, Anguisouroc, Adults Only, Girls Only, Ephemère, Dockers, Lagoye.

The article that appeared in Tribune de Genève on 3 October 2005

Some photos from my Flickr site

Video of our second song (And You My Love)

    • marianne murphy
    • October 31st, 2006

    I found your blog interesting. We live in Carouge and have a 6 year old son who is very interested in learning the guitar. He watched a DVD with excerpts from the Montreaux Jazz festival and had the uncanny ability to pick out the best rock guitar players (Rory Gallagher is his favorite and, of course, he loves “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple). He has an electric guitar, but has had no formal training. I would like to find a good teacher, but my french is not very good so thought you might be able to communicate my request to an appropriate teacher at Ecole Val d’Arve (Keit looks great!)Unlike me, my son Niklas speaks/understands french just fine and should have no trouble with a french-speaking teacher. Do you think you could help us. We would really like to find someone to teach him ~1 hour/week

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