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Live Au Château 2005

Live Au Château 2005

On October 1, 2005 we organized the festival “Live Au Château” just next to the Arare castle, where we also have our studio for repetition.

The bands of the festival were (in order of appearance): Flower Spirit, Ghost Track, Saul, C Nos Vis, Hat Trick, Anguisouroc, Adults Only, Girls Only, Ephemère, Dockers, Lagoye.

The article that appeared in Tribune de Genève on 3 October 2005

Some photos from my Flickr site

Video of our second song (And You My Love)


Concert at EPI 2004

At the annual EPI end-of-the-school-year concert on 12 June 2004, we performed our first concert ever. We had only two songs ready: “You My Love” by Chris Rea and “Smoke on the water” by Deep Purple (that we played again as the requested encore).

Some photos:

Pascal and Michel
Brigitte (keyboard) Pascal (guitar), Michel (bass) and Marco (drums)
Part of the audience Me (vocal), Pascal (guitar), Michel (bass) and Marco (drums).

C Nos Vis – qu’est-ce que c’est?

Our band, C Nos Vis, started out as a beginners workshop for parents of kids that learned music at EPI (Espace de Pratique Instrumentale at Ecole du Val-d’Arve in Carouge) during summer of 2003. Having no children of my own, I got invited as “special guest.”

Kiet, our teacher

Kiet, our teacher, is doing a great job teaching us music. A sound engineer by training, he has been playing with some of the best, e.g. Bowie, The Byrds, Astor Piazzola…